How To Date A Rich Guy Even If You’re Not Attractive

Geplaatst op 02-04-2024

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I’ve got to be honest here and say that you have picked a tough task in trying to court a rich man, even if you’re not a beauty.

Men (without a doubt) rank women based on looks and usually looks alone so trying to attract a man when lacking these crucial traits wont be easy.

The hardest thing is going to be getting his attention. He won’t come up to you and try and pick you up so you are going to need to initiate the interaction.

This can be done easily with dating sites and because he is on a dating site you know he is open to your approach. Just be aware that every man superficially ranks by appearance despite his good intentions.


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You are also going to have to play the numbers game – if a guy doesn’t find you physically attractive or doesn’t connect with you it’s unlikely you will have much chance with him.

Attraction is not a choice and this is especially true for men. When a guy subconsciously chooses a women... that’s it, his decision has been made for him and there’s no turning back.

I guess it’s called “falling for her” because you really don’t have any say in the matter. Guys can fall for average looking women but it’s just not as common.

You will have to play the numbers game when trying to court rich men or any man for that matter because trying to force a guy to like you simply does not work. He can’t change his mind because he doesn’t have the ability to, even if he wanted to be attracted to you couldn’t.

This brings up another issue for you... Dating a large number of rich men (say 500K+/year) is hard because getting access to that number of rich guys is not easy.

There are heaps of single guys out there but few of them are rich. Using dating sites like vip singles and asking specifically for wealthy men would be start. You could also use any other dating site eHarmony, Cupid, Loveawake etc and then filter by annual revenue. Once again you are going to need to set up multiple dates to find the guy that will be interested in looking past your physical appearance.

So what can you offer him?

If you are looking to date rich men and you’re not attractive he will need to be attracted to something... What do you have to offer him that will make him choose you over the thousands of blondes fighting for his attention?


Because of your intelligence you are able to discuss politics, business, stocks and all manner of current events... Just remember that these intellectual topics are great for bonding but not so great for triggering attraction. Find the balance between flirtatious and intellectual topics in your conversations.


There is real attraction rooted in youth – many rich guys will be attracted to your youthful energy and vibrancy. Use this to your advantage when on the lookout for rich guys.


You will need to play up these traits and focus the relationship on your strengths. Perhaps you organise a date where you take him mountain biking through a national park. Any experience that is unique to you and that will bring him outside his comfort zone, something that he will remember for a long time and remind him of you.

Sexual Playfulness

Just because you are no oil painting does not mean you cant teach him a thing or two in the sack. Initiate sex if that is where the relationship is at but let him be dominant at times too.


Many attractive women rely on their beauty and ignore cultivating a rich personality at their peril. Men love a women that is able to keep up with them in conversation. Your personality is unique to you so worry little about your quirks for this might be the one thing about you that he finds attractive.


Humour is a great way to lighten the mood. Your laid back and funny personality is one way to bring him out of his serious business mindset. Even if he refuses to relax at first keep probing until you get him out of his shell. He will admire and thankyou for changing his outlook on life and once again could be the attribute of your personality that lands him.

Remember funny “haha” and self deprecating humour will not work. Witty flirtatious humour should be used as a tool in your arsenal along with your other admirable personality traits.


Even if he has cash it’s likely that he’s thinking about acquiring more of it. He will respect you a great deal if you have been able to acquire significant sums of money because he knows what it takes to get it.

Business Relations

This man will be motivated by money and you can always fight fire with fire... Bringing extra money and business opportunity to the table is a great way to get him interested and start a partnership that will flourish over time.


This rich man you seek may understand little of your spiritual nature. Teaching him to return to source and peace will defiantly earn you brownie points. He will likely be uptight and stressed out so teaching him how to finally let go could be life changing for him. If you’re the one to show him the path you will forever have a place in his heart.


Using a combination of the admirable personality traits above you are able to attract the attention of rich guys despite your looks. Sadly looks ARE as important to guys as I have mentioned here and it's not shallow to think this way it's just down to the evolution of the male mind. Accept this and go about setting up dates with rich men ( loveawake etc)